I grew up on a horse and cattle farm in Maryland and have lived in New York City for the last 18 years. I travel often. Through my art practice, the natural and built landscapes I encounter become mirrors for my mind. 

In Idaho, I visited abandoned metal mines: caved in, blown shut, grown over. Yet, toxic residue persists. I thought about the buried parts of our personal and national histories, how what we seek to forget seeps into the present.

In Maine, as I sifted through discarded household objects—materials for an installation—media images of the cleanup efforts following devastating floods came to mind. And I reflected on the parallel psychic processes to salvage and rebuild from the wreckage left by trauma.

In California, on an old Army base now a National Park, I climbed over graffitied bunkers covered with weeds and wildflowers. As I wandered through the military ruins, it occurred to me—artifacts of fear become playgrounds for curiosity. Everything is energy shifting form.
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