In 2010 I met playwright Timothy Braun at an artists' residency in California. Tim wrote 64 one-page plays to accompany my Newspaper Series. For this series, I selected, cut out, pasted onto canvas, then painted over photos from The New York Times. In some cases I simply expanded the scene; in others I obliterated the source image so only a faint outline remains. Surf Reality, an independent production company, fused Tim's plays and my paintings into a multi-media production, adding original music, animations, short films and soundscapes. 64 premiered at the RE/Mixed Media Festival in Brooklyn in 2011 and a revamped version was included in the Spring Artist Lodge at HERE Arts Center in New York in 2012. ​With support from the Puffin Foundation, Dana Brewster made a book about the project, adding another link to the creative chain.